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3 Steps To Create A Robust App With Load Testing

Robust App

So you’ve heard about load testing and you know it’s the right course of action, but how do you use load testing effectively to get the results you need for your app? You’re in luck, because today, we’re talking about building up a Robust App; and, we’ve broken it down into some simple lists to help you get started.

What Makes Up A Robust App Anyway?

Here are 5 ingredients that are must-haves for any app in today’s online experience:

  1. Fast Load Time
  2. Scales to the target audience size and beyond
  3. Optimal Performance
  4. Always Available
  5. Minimal to No Downtime

A truly robust app will wield all of these components in addition to providing fantastic content, and superior services. We want to help you build just such an app, because thoroughly load tested apps make the world a better place. Below we’ve provided some steps to help you do just that.

3 Steps To Perfecting A Robust App

We see a consistent pattern of testing with our Blitz users, and we can break it down to a simple three-step method that will get your app running its best under stress. These steps will help you strengthen your app- so when your audience goes through the roof, your app won’t crash through the floor. Here’s the formula:

1. Deploy

Deploy a preliminary version of the web app to staging, and setup your tools.

2. Rush

Run a Rush consisting of your target number of concurrent users. This is a load test on the rough draft of all of that hard work you’ve put into building your site, so on your first couple of Rushes, your site is likely to fall over when Blitz gives it a push, so…

3. Fix

Dust it off, and take this opportunity to fix any outright issues that caused the fall of your app during this round of testing and…


Now that you’ve located, assessed, and corrected the problems with your app, you can repeat this 3 Step Method: Deploy, Rush, and Fix, until your app is well above your acceptable threshold of performance. With each pass, you can eliminate issues, and laser focus optimal site performance with each round of tests. We cannot stress enough how important it is test during this stage before it goes live. More on this topic here: Stress Your App, Not Your Users

Rush your site with Blitz to build a better app today!

Stress Your App, Not Your Users


With intense loads of traffic parading through your site, stress will manifest itself somewhere. Hopefully, not in between your user and his chair. There are many reasons to test your app’s performance before it goes live, but your user is the most important.

Stress Your App

Remember our post about building a Robust App? We talked about the 3-Step method to building a stronger app. Now we’re here to tell you to begin using that method as early in your development process as possible.

We’re developers here, but imagine if car manufacturers didn’t test their vehicles before they let their customers use them? You can imagine some of the nuisances the new car owners might experience: failure to start, failure to go, engine failure, failure of locking mechanisms, break failure… etc., and you would expect a car manufacturer to have some kind of check in place to make sure that all of those important details operate properly before handing over the keys.

For a car manufacturer, it’s more than just customer experience, it’s a safety issue. As for developers, the same thought process still applies. Handing over the keys to your site when you haven’t checked to see if it might crash? Not a good idea.

Don’t Stress The Users

The users are your audience, your bread and butter. They pay money and time for the content you provide, and you owe it to them, and yourself to “kick the tires” before presenting your app to the public.

You may have a top-notch marketing team that’s successfully bringing visitors to your site in droves, only to have a high bounce back rate due to performance issues. You may be silently thinking to yourself, “We don’t have the best performance, but our audience loves us so much that they’ll be patient with our slow loading, off and on again content…,” and you would be sadly mistaken. Hopefully (at least I would like to think), this isn’t you.

You already understand from personal experience: users hate waiting, they hate having to try multiple times to make one thing happen, and they have absolutely no tolerance for things that crash or are just plain unavailable. We use the internet. We get it.

There is hope- with load testing, comes the ability to spare your users the agony of waiting to reach your content, by helping you make sure it always gets there on time.

Alleviate user stress today! Performance test with Blitz, and load test away your load time.

Can Your App Handle A Holiday Bashing?


Black Friday giving your app a black eye? Are you worried that the surge of crazed holiday shoppers won’t be able to access your content? And maybe even take their hard earned dollars elsewhere because of a scaling issue? Don’t miss out!

The Time To Prep Your Site For The Next Wave Of Shoppers Is Now

We don’t need to tell you, we’re sure you already know: Black Friday has been increasingly a bigger and bigger online shopping event with each passing year, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to let up anytime soon. All the more reason you should batten down the hatches on your online apps to ensure their durability when they need to scale.

Many online merchants and content providers find themselves overwhelmed by the amount of visitors to their site during these peak shopping periods to the detriment of their app’s performance, and reputation. A few extra hits, and now their app is goin’ down.

So How Do You Get Your App Back In The Ring?

Run a lengthy rush with at least 5x the normal number of expected users. This ensures your app can handle the expected, and the unexpected this holiday season. Surprise customers are great, but not if you miss out on delivering to them because they crashed your site.

The Expected:

You have a normal number of visitors that regularly hit your site, and you may be expecting a bit of a spike in traffic this holiday season. The first step is getting your app up to the lightweight standards of your expected, every day activity. If your app can’t handle that, we shudder to think what will happen if your marketing team is successful in promoting your app to new/current users.

The Unexpected:

So you are expecting a little bit more traffic… but what if there’s a successful ad campaign or promotion that brings an unprecedented amount of visitors to your site? Are you ready for that? Don’t let a downpour of unexpected visitors catch you off guard. Stay on your toes, and load test for numbers that are significantly above the amount of visitors you expect.

Training Your App For The Holidays

Your app needs some practice. It needs to go to some sparring matches before it tries to throw down with the big holiday numbers. And for just such practice, you have at your disposal: load testing from the cloud.

What better way to mimic a holiday rush blasting servers than a pre-holiday Blitz Rush to iron out the wrinkles in your framework? If you’re using this year as a test run so you’ll be ready for next year, by then it will be too late. The web app and web consumer changes too quickly for that plan to work, so test now, test thoroughly, and get your app ready for Round 2.

Test, not only for the numbers, but also for the duration of high traffic periods. Handling X number of users for 1 minute can have very different results from handling X number of users for 24 hours.

Be thorough. Test generously, and get your app ready for the holiday Rush.

Benefits Of Load Testing Your App For Black Friday 2014

Black Friday

Black Friday is swiftly approaching, along with promotional offers, record blasts of traffic, and unprecedented online sales for your business. At least, that’s why we’re in business, right? Well, we’re here to make sure your app stays in business as it faces your swarms of adoring customers. Have you already load tested your site? Great! Have you tested it under the assumption that bargain shoppers will give you more than you bargained for this shopping season? It’s time to test again, and here’s why:

The Stats On Black Friday Are Out, And They Indicate Shoppers Will Stay In

Here’s what Time had to say about last year’s shopping trends: “The decline in shopping at the mall was counterbalanced with the continued rise of e-retail purchases. Online sales got off to a great start for the holidays, with a 17% increase on Thanksgiving and Black Friday compared to the year before. But things slowed down toward the end of the season, which, according to comScore, saw an overall 10% increase in online sales over the 2012 season.

Studies from previous years even show that in-store shoppers will check prices online while they’re in the store. So even if your customer visits your brick and mortar location, your app needs to be the best it can be when those large numbers of shoppers bombard your network. Beyond simply comparing prices, they will also be researching products, reviews, coupons, and sales. Your websites and apps are about to become high-traffic areas.

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Don’t Let Black Friday Get The Best Of You

Your users deserve your best, and it’s no secret that load testing your site will help you do just that. With a prime opportunity to reach your new and existing customers, you’ll want to give your site the performance that it needs.

Drive traffic to your site with confidence, and load test your site today with Blitz.

Can your app handle a holiday bashing?

Benefits Of Testing From The Cloud

Load Test

So, you want to see what it’s like to have a large amount of visitors hit your website… How do you test that? You could go buy a bunch of expensive hardware, and install some cumbersome software, or you could wing it and see how your site performs under the stress… Ridiculous? We thought so too.

Today, we’ll be talking about some advantages of load testing from the cloud.

The feeling of relief, A light breeze on a warm day, a fire on a cold night, the sensation of a burden being lifted. This is the experience of the weary developer who discovers all he needs to have in order to load test his website is a login, password, and an accurate test configuration. No bulky, harddrive consuming software. No additional server room in the back to provide him with horsepower.  And, there’s the added benefit of actually being able to test the capacity of his site against visits from people all over the world, not just unrealistic simulations from his luxurious internal network.

Load test your site with Blitz today and find out if your app can handle your audience.

Here are the benefits of testing from the cloud:

Testing your application from your own network is testing in a vacuum. Even if you can generate the traffic, your simulation is benefiting from the direct-line access you’d expect from being on-site. The real-world traffic your site will encounter will originate from multiple locations, sometimes locally, sometimes nationally and even globally, but your audience will most likely not be originating from your internal network. Testing from the cloud gives you the benefit of a more realistic scenario in which your simulated load is actually originating from multiple locations and making its way to your endpoint to provide the most realistic test results possible.

Testing from the cloud not only provides more realistic results, it’s a simpler solution for your company moving forward. You use cloud service instead of creating an in-house solution, acquire the best possible test results, and can focus on the bigger picture of reaching your audience and delivering content and making money.

You can schedule your tests to be recurring, at certain times, and push different amounts of traffic. Need to know how your app responds to 1000 users at 2am in your time zone, but don’t want to be sitting in the office to push the “run test” button? No problem, that’s what scheduling is for. With cloud-based testing, the world is at your fingertips, and you can set it up to test without you.

In addition to timing your tests, you can set up your tests from anywhere. Because this cloud based service is online, your login and password will get you into your test configurations, whether you’re at the office or not.

These are a few of the major advantages of testing from the cloud, and we hope you have found them helpful.

Sign up for Blitz today, and discover first-hand why load testing from the cloud is the best solution for your web app.

Give Yourself Credit – And Get Your Tests Rolling

Sprint and Rush

You have some tests to run and a limited amount of credits to make them happen. How do you best leverage the Sprint and the Rush? What is the difference between the two, and how are they going to help me prepare my web app for what’s ahead?

When you’re done reading this article, you’ll be able to load test your site with confidence, knowing that you’re getting the most out of your Blitz credits.

There’s always that nervous tension that comes about whenever you’re about to spend something of value. When economic strings are tied to a task, you want to ensure that you’re getting the most mileage out of each action you take. No one wants to look back at a job and say “I could have done better,” or “I wish I had done that differently.” We understand that here at Spirent, and we want to help you get the most Blitz for your buck.

How To Best Leverage Sprints And Rushes

Now we’re going to give you a tactical strategy for attacking your website with virtual users from multiple locations all at once to test your scalability. Ready? Let’s go:

Step One: The Sprint

Sprints are like having your own personal reconnaissance team. Use the Sprint to check to see if your endpoint or resource is valid, and that you’ve configured your request, request headers, and cookie correctly. In short, you can use the Sprint, free of charge, to make sure your Rush is ready for take-off. The Sprint will help you ensure your credits will be of good use when you spend them on a Rush.

Step Two: The Rush

Now that you have your settings configured and functioning properly in your Sprint, Rushing is as simple as hitting the “replay” button. From here, you will be able to change your Sprint to a Rush and adjust your settings to the standards of your final test. You can run your configured Rush as a one-time load test, or schedule it to recur on a regular or irregular basis.

Step Three: The Results

Now that you’ve laid the groundwork with a Sprint, hit “replay,” and run a Rush on your web app, it’s time to take a look at the results. After you’ve run your test, you can see in-depth analytics on the performance of your web app under the conditions of your test(s).

By tactically Sprinting first and Rushing second, you can “look before you leap” and ensure that you squeeze every last drop of Blitzing power out of those wonderful credits. Get the results you’re looking for efficiently, and Sprint before you Rush.

Running low on credits? Pick up more credits here.

Blitz is a Pivotal Tool for Today’s Web Developers and Engineers


Load testing is a developer’s best friend when it comes to kicking the tires on your web applications. You’ve created an amazing product with a slick interface and your design is flawless. You are certain the end user will drink in the experience you have created like it was the very nectar of life. But just how many end users can your web application handle before the experience you created buckles to a slow crawl? Or worse: stops working altogether…

Nobody wants to think about that, but you should: because that’s the only thing your customers will be thinking about when they can’t access your content. That is, if they haven’t already forgotten about you and moved on.

Response Time

Testing your website with Blitz is as essential to your application’s success as the benefits of the application itself.  With Blitz, you have the ability to test the capacity and scalability of your applications before your customers do, enabling you to intercept problems and correct them before your users’ experience suffers the consequences.

Don’t risk your reputation, lose your customers, or miss opportunities to gain new ones. Don’t leave your application untested. Use Blitz today and know your limits so your customers don’t have to.

Blitz Scalability: Can Your Site Handle It?

“Ever seen a grown app cry?” Well now you can. How much stress can your site handle before it can’t take the pressure? Wouldn’t you like to know how your application fares in extreme conditions before you have a high stakes, real-world crash course?

Studies and blogs are flying out the door on site load times being a major killer in conversion. Did you know that a 1 second delay can have double digit negative results on conversion? People just don’t want to wait for poor performing sites when there are so many other options to purchase or get the same service as yours.

Deal a day sites and major eCommerce sites such as Amazon and eBay also have to test their performance. Thousands of dollars hang on the performance quality every minute.

You’re thinking, I don’t have that much traffic on my site.. you will, one day, and it’s better to test the performance as you grow then after the fact and you are cleaning up the mess of a site being down.

Blitz can help you see just how much your site can handle, and if your site has enough bandwidth to handle high volumes of customers, from different regions, all at once. Does your performance suffer or does it handle hundreds of thousands with the same quality of experience as a single user hitting the system alone?

Use Blitz to ensure that your application can scale to your audience without sacrificing quality. Systematically create lab-quality testing of your web applications and gain the confidence that your website can take on any traffic your audience can dish out.