Give Yourself Credit – And Get Your Tests Rolling

Sprint and Rush

You have some tests to run and a limited amount of credits to make them happen. How do you best leverage the Sprint and the Rush? What is the difference between the two, and how are they going to help me prepare my web app for what’s ahead?

When you’re done reading this article, you’ll be able to load test your site with confidence, knowing that you’re getting the most out of your Blitz credits.

There’s always that nervous tension that comes about whenever you’re about to spend something of value. When economic strings are tied to a task, you want to ensure that you’re getting the most mileage out of each action you take. No one wants to look back at a job and say “I could have done better,” or “I wish I had done that differently.” We understand that here at Spirent, and we want to help you get the most Blitz for your buck.

How To Best Leverage Sprints And Rushes

Now we’re going to give you a tactical strategy for attacking your website with virtual users from multiple locations all at once to test your scalability. Ready? Let’s go:

Step One: The Sprint

Sprints are like having your own personal reconnaissance team. Use the Sprint to check to see if your endpoint or resource is valid, and that you’ve configured your request, request headers, and cookie correctly. In short, you can use the Sprint, free of charge, to make sure your Rush is ready for take-off. The Sprint will help you ensure your credits will be of good use when you spend them on a Rush.

Step Two: The Rush

Now that you have your settings configured and functioning properly in your Sprint, Rushing is as simple as hitting the “replay” button. From here, you will be able to change your Sprint to a Rush and adjust your settings to the standards of your final test. You can run your configured Rush as a one-time load test, or schedule it to recur on a regular or irregular basis.

Step Three: The Results

Now that you’ve laid the groundwork with a Sprint, hit “replay,” and run a Rush on your web app, it’s time to take a look at the results. After you’ve run your test, you can see in-depth analytics on the performance of your web app under the conditions of your test(s).

By tactically Sprinting first and Rushing second, you can “look before you leap” and ensure that you squeeze every last drop of Blitzing power out of those wonderful credits. Get the results you’re looking for efficiently, and Sprint before you Rush.

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Blitz is a Pivotal Tool for Today’s Web Developers and Engineers


Load testing is a developer’s best friend when it comes to kicking the tires on your web applications. You’ve created an amazing product with a slick interface and your design is flawless. You are certain the end user will drink in the experience you have created like it was the very nectar of life. But just how many end users can your web application handle before the experience you created buckles to a slow crawl? Or worse: stops working altogether…

Nobody wants to think about that, but you should: because that’s the only thing your customers will be thinking about when they can’t access your content. That is, if they haven’t already forgotten about you and moved on.

Response Time

Testing your website with Blitz is as essential to your application’s success as the benefits of the application itself.  With Blitz, you have the ability to test the capacity and scalability of your applications before your customers do, enabling you to intercept problems and correct them before your users’ experience suffers the consequences.

Don’t risk your reputation, lose your customers, or miss opportunities to gain new ones. Don’t leave your application untested. Use Blitz today and know your limits so your customers don’t have to.

Blitz Scalability: Can Your Site Handle It?

“Ever seen a grown app cry?” Well now you can. How much stress can your site handle before it can’t take the pressure? Wouldn’t you like to know how your application fares in extreme conditions before you have a high stakes, real-world crash course?

Studies and blogs are flying out the door on site load times being a major killer in conversion. Did you know that a 1 second delay can have double digit negative results on conversion? People just don’t want to wait for poor performing sites when there are so many other options to purchase or get the same service as yours.

Deal a day sites and major eCommerce sites such as Amazon and eBay also have to test their performance. Thousands of dollars hang on the performance quality every minute.

You’re thinking, I don’t have that much traffic on my site.. you will, one day, and it’s better to test the performance as you grow then after the fact and you are cleaning up the mess of a site being down.

Blitz can help you see just how much your site can handle, and if your site has enough bandwidth to handle high volumes of customers, from different regions, all at once. Does your performance suffer or does it handle hundreds of thousands with the same quality of experience as a single user hitting the system alone?

Use Blitz to ensure that your application can scale to your audience without sacrificing quality. Systematically create lab-quality testing of your web applications and gain the confidence that your website can take on any traffic your audience can dish out.

Advantages of Load Testing From the Cloud

So you’re a developer and you want to load test your site. Good thinking. But you don’t want to install cumbersome local software onto your own hard drive to make this test possible. We understand. That’s why we created Blitz in the cloud, so you can load test your site from an online interface without the high costs of software licensing and it taking up space on your computer.

Blitz makes it easy to create an account, sign up for a subscription plan that suites you and begin load testing your website, APP or API. The SaaS model is fast, easy and convenient for website developers that load test on a regular basis as well as intermittently. With the Multi-region feature, developers can choose from several regions in the cloud to originate their traffic for each test. Need to know how scalable your site is for traffic from Japan, Australia or California?  We’ve got you covered. Need other regions? Choose from our menu of 8 regions – all available with a monthly subscription. Load test up to 200,000 concurrent users at once from various regions around the world in minutes.

Finally, the cloud gives you the ability to schedule individual or recurring load tests, so you can be doing other things while your tests take place, precisely when you want them to, without having to lift a finger.  Blitz – Can your APP handle it?


Performance Tests

Now you can get a detailed visibility on how your page will perform for your clients. With Blitz Performance Tests you can check how well your page is loading from different locations around the world.

Response Time

Blitz provides results containing rich diagnostic information, so you can understand the end user experience and track performance of individual HTML components such as CSS, JavaScript  and images.

The results include the performance data – containing waterfall charts of resource loading, status and response times for all components.

Performance Data

You can also check a detailed analysis with descriptions of problems found and suggestions for remediation.

Performance Analysis

Don’t waste your clients time! Verify how your website is performing at Sign up now and test out our Starter plan free for 14 days!

Load Testing Too Late: Brand Reputation (Pt. 5 of 5)

Brand Reputation

Brand Reputation

In this final post, we will discuss how all of these factors contribute to build or harm your brand reputation, and how you can stay ahead of potential disasters so you can stop them from happening. Today, online users are not loyal to one brand, one product or one company. They want information fast and on-demand. If your site can’t handle the traffic or crashes due to other issues, the opportunity is missed. We’ve all heard word of mouth is the best advertiser, but negative word can travel fast!

Blitz can help you prepare your app to be the talk of the town in the best possible sense. You want people to have a flawless interaction with your website, Blitz can help you make that happen. With all that Blitz has to offer, you may be thinking to yourself “what’s the rush?” but the fact of the matter is, it’s imperative to get ahead of your problems before they become fiasco’s that are impossible to clean up.

Your app isn’t just kind of a big deal, IT IS a big deal, right? And when big deal numbers start heading your way, you want the security of knowing that Blitz has helped you prepare for whatever your traffic can dish out. Listen to those people on the streets talking about your product. They’re saying how hip, cool, and, functional it is. At least, that’s what they’ll be saying if they aren’t whining about how slow it loads.

Bring your app to the mountain before the mountain comes to your front door. It’s really that simple. When your brand is at stake, don’t take unnecessary and costly risks with your user experience, your conversions, and your revenue. Train up your app using Blitz like a personal trainer, building up the strength of the site, and burying the competition. A few simple tests can show you the limits of your scalability. Whether or not you want to push those limits further is up to you, but if you’re expecting a mountain, you need to make sure your app can climb it, and climb it quickly, because your customers won’t wait long before finding out if a competitor can scale the mountain faster.

Trust takes time to build, but can be dashed in an instant. For web apps, your users care about access. If they can’t access your app, your app, for all practical purposes, does not even exist. The slower the load, the lower the chances of people choosing your app or service, but more importantly, the lower the chances you will have of gaining your users’ trust. Your app is loading a little slow? Your user is starting to worry about you. If you can’t load the page, will you be able to deliver? Don’t leave room for that kind of doubt. It only takes a second.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t use your audience as the lab rat to see if your web app is scalable, let Blitz do that legwork for you before it costs you your reputation. Try a free 14 day trial of Blitz today at, or get signed up on one of our affordable subscription plans. Test today so you can seize the public tomorrow!

Load Testing Too Late: Bad User Experience (Pt. 4 of 5)

Bad User Experience

Our previous examples of the Abandoned Cart and Loss of Revenue focus on the economic side of an untested website. In this post, we will cover the experience from the user’s perspective. A bad user experience doesn’t just reflect poorly in your bank account, it reflects badly on you and your brand. A single bad user experience can do irreparable damage. Users who have bad experiences are more likely to post online about the experience than those who have good experiences. Additionally, with each bad experience a user encounters on your website, he or she becomes less and less likely to want to come back. In fact, not coming back is pretty standard user behavior after having a bad experience.

Need for Speed: 40% of users will abandon a website if it takes more than 4 seconds to load. As we have touched on before, users have no time to waste when it comes to surfing the web, using online apps, or trying to access your (yes your) website. Consistently poor performance will leave a permanent dent in your business.

Online, your user interface isn’t just a presence, or a decorative installment, it’s your customer’s entire experience with your brand and your product. You need it functioning at 100% capacity 100% of the time. Running Rushes with Blitz will help you see if you’re measuring up to your customers’ expectations.

We used an aggressive picture of a mallet destroying a keyboard to indicate frustration, but in a real life scenario, most people don’t take it out on the computer anymore, they recognize when it’s a website that isn’t functioning properly instead of shooting the messenger. And after they’ve figured out your website is the problem, what do they use instead of a mallet? Discussion forums. We’ll talk more about that when we get to Brand Reputation.

For right now, let’s consider how fast you want your content when you’re browsing the web or using an app. Do you want to wait 5 seconds for it? WILL you wait 5 seconds for it? Or wouldn’t you rather have it in 1? The online market is like a close race where a difference in mere seconds could determine whether a customer takes your product over a competitor’s, and it all has to do with access. If your app solves a problem, your customer wants it solved now. If your product is the fountain of youth, but it takes 100 years for your customer to gain access, you will lose traffic to the vendor who can provide wrinkle cream seemingly instantaneously. While a second or two may not seem like a big deal, to your customer’s expectations, it’s the only thing that matters.

So how do you fix it? Well, like the beginning of any great problem solving adventure, you must first know there is a problem. Sure your website runs fast when no one is looking, but does it scale when your audience does? Load test your website before your app gets popular and you may just find out how poorly your website handles said popularity. Blitz can help you do this by first sending a “Sprint” to make sure the path for your traffic is valid and will function to your specifications. Once you’ve paved the way with a “Sprint,” then it’s time to “Rush” your website or app with the desired level of traffic. This is your benchmark, your window into the future, and your shot at fixing your website before it ever breaks. Make sure your website loads fast enough, make sure your app is strong enough, and make sure you don’t lose a single customer to a failed attempt at scalability.

Now that you have some information about bad user experience under your belt, try Blitz free for 14 days at

Load Testing Too Late: Brand Reputation (Pt. 5 of 5)

Load Testing Too Late: Loss of Revenue (Pt. 3 of 5)

Loss of Revenue

So you chose not to load test your site before it was pushed live, it gets swamped with website traffic, and now your application is down for seconds, minutes, hours, days… and you have paying customers trying to access your site. What do you do? Each minute the site is down, slow or working incorrectly, you’re losing money. A reaction to a negative experience takes substantially more time and money than proactively load testing your site to spot potential issues before they are customer-facing.

No one likes losing revenue. Most people don’t even like talking about the possibility of losing revenue, but it’s a serious issue you will need to address for the success of your Website or App. Everyone holds on tight to their dollars, including your customers. One way to help them hand those dollars to you, is to make sure everything that your Website or Application offers- delivers, up to, or above the level your customer expects. This means seamless checkout experiences, fast load times, outages and network failures that are as common as unicorns… you get the picture.

No matter how big your site becomes, no matter how outrageously popular your app gets, no matter how many people barrage your site at once, you must have a seamless user experience.  Your users are very busy people. They have other things to do besides wait around until your app works. If you want what’s in their wallet, make it easy for them to give it to you. Make sure your site and services are always available, and always make sure you deliver on your promises, quickly.

A study conducted by Tagman referencing statistics provided by the Aberdeen Group indicates that just one second delay in page load can cause a 7% loss in customer conversions. Your app loads instantaneously when you boot it up, so what do you have to worry about, right? Wrong. Your customers will (hopefully) be visiting your site in droves. Does your site load instantaneously when that sneaky force of scalability is in play? How can you know?

That’s where website load-testing comes in handy, before you find out the hard way that your app doesn’t scale so well. You, as a developer, need to know that your app is ready to deliver its content quickly when hundreds, or thousands of users are trying to access it.  Blitz will help you simulate exactly that kind of activity.- Up to 200,000 users to be exact.  By pretending to be a mob of your expected user base, Blitz will effectively show you how your website performs in real-world conditions, helping you determine where your website is strong and where it needs work. You can do this kind of testing before or after revenue dollars are on the line, but test you must.

Testing your site before you go live is a strategic move to ensure you are prepared for the market you are trying to reach. Every customer that gets impatient, frustrated, turns around and leaves is money you could have in your pocket. In the online market, if you can’t provide the customer with a consistent experience, you can wave goodbye to that revenue. But it doesn’t have to be that way…

Develop a winning strategy using Blitz’ load-testing platform that will help you attain speed and scalability. Don’t sacrifice your revenue to those extra seconds in load time.

Now that you know how much you have to gain, come back for the next part of the series; and, be sure to visit to sign up for a 14 day free trial!

Load Testing Too Late: Bad User Experience (Part 4 of 5)

Load Testing Too Late: The Abandoned Cart (Pt. 2 of 5)

The Abandoned Cart

Basket is loaded, the customer has done their research, and now they’re ready to checkout at your online store. You’re about to get paid! But wait… your servers are being overloaded, and the bandwidth of your site is being pushed to the brink, and just as your customer is trying to check-out… they can’t. The page is getting slower, some of the important links like “checkout now” and “manage your cart” aren’t loading properly. All of a sudden, your eager customer is beginning to become more and more frustrated. He was ready to pay you money for your product, but he can’t close the deal. He leaves the site, maybe with the intention of coming back, maybe not… Who knows what he thinks of your site’s poor performance. He probably won’t even say anything.

Abandoned cart – your customer has items in his/her cart, but decides to leave (takes too long to load, or can’t checkout).

Maybe your site works great right now, but will 100% of your customers be able to check out when one-thousand users are trying to use your app at the same time? If your answer is “I don’t know,” you need to consider load testing your site. You can’t afford to lose customers to mishaps that occur just because your web application takes on some traffic. And when we say lose customers, it could be just for today, or it could be forever: whether or not the customer decides to come back after an experience like that is entirely up to them.

According to research compiled by the Baymard Institute, the average cart abandonment rate on file is 67.91%. Let’s take a look at these statistics from Statista. They show the reasons behind shopping cart abandonment:

Of the 19,000 consumers and 153 retail decision makers they surveyed, up to 60% of respondents listed web performance as a reason for online cart abandonment. You can follow structural steps to keep your customers engaged in the checkout process, but if your website’s performance is lacking, none of those advancements will matter. This is why load testing is critical when it comes to eliminating cart abandonment.

Why do online shoppers leave without paying?

Don’t load test too late: Every time your app is slow, fails to load, or outright becomes unavailable, you’re losing money. We developed Blitz to not only load test your site, but also help you see how a customer will experience your site when it’s experiencing record levels of traffic. This information will be invaluable in proactively beefing up the strength of your web app to take your eager customers head-on, and deliver a quality experience that has been tested under real-world conditions. Don’t let a faulty web presence be the reason your customers leave their carts behind. Do something about it, and load test now before it’s too late.

**For general information, you can take a look at this blog post by Shopify that has some pointers on things you can add to your site to reduce cart abandonment.

Join us for the next part in the series:
Load Testing Too Late: Loss of Revenue (Pt. 3 of 5)

Load Testing Too Late: Don’t Miss Opportunities to Reach Your Customers. (Pt. 1 of 5)

Load Testing Too Late


You’ve walked out of a store empty-handed, gotten frustrated with a website, or given up on a tedious checkout process before, so you know how bad customer experiences can cost you money.

In this five part blog post series, we will take a look at the ways using Blitz can save you money by helping you get ahead of website scalability problems before your customer has a bad experience with your application.

We will take a look at the some of the hazards that Blitz can help you proactively avoid, and also offer some solutions that will keep your revenue streams flowing instead of trickling to a stop right when your audience begins to grow. Load testing doesn’t have to be a burden. Blitz makes it easy to send mass amounts of scheduled traffic to your website or application to help you see how your app fairs under the most bone-crushing, load-bearing conditions.

In this five part series, we will cover:

  1. Introduction – Don’t Miss Opportunities to Reach Your Customers
  2. The Abandoned Cart
  3. Loss of Revenue
  4. Bad User Experience
  5. Brand Reputation

Throughout this blog series, we will cover these topics more in-depth to show you how seemingly small problems can have a negative impact across your site, and how a little proactive load-testing can help troubleshoot those problems before your customers have to experience them. Anything from buttoning up your checkout process to maximize cart conversion, to ensuring your customers have a stellar encounter with your brand when they visit your site, the Blitz team wants to help you make the most of your web presence and keep your customers happy by giving you the tools to test the limits of your website’s performance.

The ingredients to a good customer experience: a good first impression, an easy to navigate site, building trust, providing security, presenting a well-oiled machine, and now, offering a seamless web app experience. Though technology has advanced, customers essentially care about the same qualities. They just experience them in different ways.

Imagine taking a car to market without testing its performance, its durability, its ability to take tight turns, or stop on a dime. What if its safety features weren’t suitable to protect people in accidents? What if the car began to fall apart the first time it hit a bump in the road? What if the car salesman can’t get the engine to start on the showroom floor? Will the customer stick around? Suppose he gets the car running, and the customer notices the car has some small flaws during the test drive? Will people buy this car? And suppose they do, and the first wave of people to buy the car quickly begin to realize they’re having a terrible experience with their purchase. What will they say about your car when people ask? How much will you lose on the showroom floor before people even walk out of the dealership? How much will you tarnish your brand’s reputation by not testing the vehicle’s performance before it hits the market?

Web apps are the same way. Neglecting the load-testing phase before going to market possesses all of the same types of pitfalls as failing to test the performance or safety of a car. We know your app has solid potential, and your customers want all the benefits that it provides, but simple scalability and performance issues will keep them from pulling the trigger. They will keep them looking at your competitors, and they will keep them from trusting you to deliver your services in exchange for their hard-earned cash. Don’t let poor scalability or performance be the reason you lose out on customers.

You’ve done the legwork to get your app this far, use Blitz to take it to the next level. Visit and sign up for a 14 day free trial.

Load Testing Too Late – The Abandoned Cart (Pt. 2 of 5)